Cross-stitch embroidery is a traditional craft that is perfectly suited to enhance modern design. Its base is a grid created by a fabric’s weft, the threads running horizontally, and the warp, those that are vertical. As the name implies, cross-stitching runs diagonally, across the intersection of the fabric’s horizontal and vertical threads.

Embroidered designs are made up of a vast number of individual stitches that follow the orthogonal grid structure of the fabric. Embroidery adds distinctive texture and depth to a motif.

The EMBROIDART series began with a basic composition of rectangular shapes in various colors and shades of gray. During this initial phase it became apparent that more sophisticated, visually challenging designs could be developed.

The grid-based craft of cross-stitching lends itself to the horizontal-vertical structure inherent in the modern sensibility. It can imbue a work with rigor and discipline. Thus, surprisingly, traditional cross-stitch embroidery is an ideal medium in which to realize contemporary line, surface, and form.

EMBROIDART pieces are created with counted cross-stitch mercerized cotton floss on Aida fabric by Anne Marie Kunz.