Marshall McLuhan
Willi Kunz, 12 TypoGraphical Interpretations

Dear Mr. Kunz: Congratulations on your 12 TypoGraphical Interpretations! Since you seem to have grasped my theme concerning the importance of the resonant interval in structuring designs, I am taking the liberty of enclosing my latest meditations on this principle, namely, a theory of inflation.

Merely visual space is Euclidean, that is, namely, continuous, homogeneous, connected and static. This was the result of the abstraction of the visual faculty from the other sense at the moment of the phonetic alphabet – the first and only time this ever happened in the world, i.e., the fifth century B.C. In the electric simultaneous time, we are encompassed by the new electric space which is simultaneous and acoustic, i.e. we hear from all directions at once creating a space which is a sphere with centre everywhere and margin nowhere.

I wish you would try to focus the attention of your colleagues, or your friends, on this pervasive but elusive matter. Quantum mechanics stresses the discontinuity and the resonant interval in all material structures. But modern physicists are visual thinkers to a man, in spite of this.

Very best wishes,

[signed] Marshall McLuhan

Centre for Culture and Technology
University of Toronto